22 June 2008

summer reading list

Area 2 (Editors of Phaidon Press)
Sea/Ten: Ten Design Sea (Peter Kirby)
Frost: Sorry Trees (Lakshmi Bhaskaran)
Art of Rebllion 2 (Christian Hundertmark)
The Layout Lookbook (Max Weber)
Design for the Other 90% (Cynthia E. Smith)
Massive Change (Bruce Mau)
Worldchanging: A Users Guide to the 21th Century (Alex Steffen)
Fashion Unfolding: Fashion Graphics Depicting All Contemporary Fashion Styles and Trends (Victionary)
Supersonic: Visuals for Music (Robert Klanten)
Book-Art: Innovation in Book Design (Charlotte Rivers)
Lost Control (NNC)
Yokoland (Yokoland)

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