08 July 2009

Nouvelle Vague

DCA are having a showing a whole bunch of Nouvelle Vague films by Jean Luc Goddard and Jacques Rivette. This is a poster I designed for it.


ainsers said...

I actually LOOOOOVVEEEEEE that poster! I need it now!
Yes I'm bored at atalanta and looking at your blog...xxx

whispering mice said...

aww love it. DCA are actually going to use it! They're giving me an A3 framed print out. Shall i hang it in the studio next year??

ainslie said...

OMG sian I didnt realise you did this yourself - thats AMAZING. (sorry I know I'm being a tad over-excited) Um how the fuck did u get to design a poster for the dca??! Yes put it in the studio and I will steal it xx